• If you are unsure of anything please ask, we are here to support you.

  • Choose a suitable walk grade for your fitness level. If it's too hard you will not enjoy it and if it's too easy you may get frustrated. So check with the leader if your unsure. See the grading below.

  • Walk with the group at a similar pace, not too far behind and not taking over the leader, unless she has agreed.

  • For safety when walking, know where the person behind you is, either in vision or you can hear them.

  • Toileting on track, let someone know you are going and leave your pack on the track. 

  • Look out for your sisters, if you notice someone struggling, let the Leader know.

  • Remember to cancel your walk on the website/app if you can't attend, if it's a late one, send the leader a message.

  • Respect the leader and support her decisions on the walk.

  • Respect that walkers want to connect with nature when walking and so avoid constant chatter.  

  • Use your phone with respect and away from other walkers.

  • Be self-reliant by having all your own gear, including first aid gear, food & enough water.(600ml bottle is not enough !)

  • Avoid making appointments after the walk. We can't guarantee return times due to varying factors. Pace of individuals, car shuffles, weather conditions, tides and track conditions.

  • Be sure to thank the leader at the end of the walk. They are all volunteers. We want them to be appreciated and to keep leading! 


BUSHWALKING Grading System


Coffs Coast Sole Sisters, grade's their walks using the Australian Walking Grading System (AWGS) used by NSW National Parks.

Here is the link to the AWGS. Please read this, so you understand if a walk will be suitable for your level of fitness.

If you're unsure, please only check with the leader of that particular walk, who knows the level of fitness required to complete the chosen route. 





Contact the leader to let her know this is your first walk and have a chat, so you know what to expect, what to wear & bring.

Notify the leader of any Medical Alerts and check if your emergency contacts are up-to-date on the website.

Be assured the leader and other experienced walkers will be checking in on you and supporting you.

Any problems on the walk let someone know as early as possible, so we can address any concerns promptly.

We have all been new to bushwalking and have had the same concerns when we started, so please ask.

Here is the link to the gear list for a day walk. The Quickie Day Walk List. Also, talking to the Leaders about gear there is a lot to learn.


Minimal Impact BUSHWALKING


Coffs Coast Sole Sisters abide by NSW Bushwalkers minimal impact bushwalking code.

Here is the link to understand what this means. Minimal Impact Bushwalking.