About Us


We are here to support you!

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We welcome you to our group of inspirational women who aspire to give you Bushwalks

that are nourishing for your soul and sometimes challenging.

Including day walks, kayaking, campouts, overnight hikes and multiday pack walks.


Our vision is to empower women to develop your confidence in bushwalking and our environment,

to experience wonderful places and connect with other women.


We strive to take care of every new member and

also expect you to abide by our CCSS bushwalking agreement before joining.


We are a non for profit organisation and are affiliated with Bushwalking NSW.

As a fully paid member you are covered by insurance whilst walking with us.


CCSS adventure & bushwalking group is located in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia


Walking in a group may not be suitable for everyone & we ask you to consider this before joining.

Watch the video on team spirit to check, if we are the right fit for you.